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Pregnancy/Birth - Hypnobirthing - Breastfeeding


I'm Alyne Prado, Brazilian, mom of 2, living in the Netherlands - Amstelveen since 2007. In addition to Portuguese, I also speak Dutch and English. 


In Brazil I graduated in Speech-Language Pathology and specialized in problems related to the newborn's swallowing and sucking ability. I worked as a Neonatal Speech-Therapist and Breastfeeding Consultant in the ICU of Hospital Dia e Maternidade Unimed-BH.


My knowledge as a Speech Therapist about the growth and development of oral functions and experience with newborns gives me a different perspective to breastfeeding. During my breastfeeding consultancy, I help the mother not only in positioning and holding the baby at the breast, but I also assess the phono articulatory organs (lips, tongue, cheeks, palate, teeth) that are important for the development of speech at an older age.


As a doula, mother and woman, I defend the empowerment of pregnant women in their own childbirth, through the promotion of information and knowledge about the entire process from pregnancy to childbirth and the puerperium. I offer psychological support, necessary for the woman to become the protagonist of her own body and childbirth.


The Gentlebirth is a process where empowerment and well-being go hand in hand. Therefore, it is essential to nurture future mothers and fathers with relevant information so that the choices about this moment are made in an assertive and conscious way.

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