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My Story

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I'm Alyne Prado, Brazilian, mom of 2, living in the Netherlands - Amstelveen since 2007. In addition to Portuguese, I also speak Dutch and English.

My wish is that every woman could have a Doula during  childbirth & postpartum. I say this because, as an expatriat, I felt very lonely and lost during my first pregnancy. Despite having all confidence in the Dutch healthcare system, I was in a country that was not mine, I was far from family and friends. I remember reading a lot and looking for information. My Midwife was great, yet, I was missing something. There was no one to ask or share experiences, tips and indications that I grew up hearing about from my mother, aunt, cousin, friend, neighbor, etc. 

I didn't lack information or medical assistance. However, only did I realize that what I lacked was that “warm figure” that I could lean on, complain, talk about my fears without restrictions and judgment. That figure who would be by my side taking care of Me. So, dear pregnant women, allow yourself to be taken care of by a Doula. I, together with my professional, personal and maternal experience, have a lot to offer and contribute in this journey from pregnancy to parenthood

My Philosophy


“The child, for the full development of his personality, needs love and understanding. Whenever possible, they should grow up under the protection and responsibility of their parents, in an environment of affection and moral security. 

Therefore, my mission is to give support during the birth of a family, whatever the method they are starting.

The birth of a family is done through the dyad between giving love and respect and  the ones receiving them.

Not all people who give birth identify with the female gender.

Not all people have been blessed with the possibility of bearing a child in their womb.

I believe that parenting is an inherent human right, regardless of any type of segregation or regulation that society may impose.

Certified Labor Doula

Doula Academie - Amsterdam

Specialist in Hospital Speech Therapy

Specialization Faculdade Estácio de Sá - Brazil

Speech Therapist

Faculdade Metodista Izabela Hendrix - Brazil

Biomechanics for birth Foudation

Molly O`Brien - UK

KGHypnobirthing Teacher

KGH The Home of Hypnobirthing - UK

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