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'It is not necessary to know everything, but it is essential to be surrounded by people who know'

                                                                                                                                       (Carmen Miranda)

That is why I am surrounded of uncredible women.

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Rafaely - Phisiotherapist

Rafaely is a physiotherapist and specialist in women's health



Tânia Lisboa - Psychologist

Tânia is Brazilian and works with psychotherapy in Portuguese.

+31 6 1998 9601

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Adrielle Ribeiro - Photographer

Adrielle works with pregnant women, families, couples and children.

"I record affective memories that will forever be in your family hystory"


+31 6 5760 1626


Vicky Bradfield - Web Designer

Vicky helped me with my website. Want to have one too? She can help you.

+31 6 8666-5287

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