About the Services

• Three prenatal consults to prepare for the birth and a Delivery Plan

• Unlimited email and phone contact during pregnancy and up to 6 weeks after birth

• Continuous follow-up during delivery and up to 2 hours after (this includes physical, emotional and informational support for the client and her partner)

• Assistance to establish a positive relationship for breastfeeding

• 1 postpartum visit for consultation on breastfeeding and emotional, psychological and/or physical support

Service Limits

The doula is not able to perform any type of medical procedure, such as vaginal exams, measuring blood pressure, heart rate, etc. The role of the doula is to provide physical and emotional comfort during childbirth and to ensure that clients' wishes are met. ​


The doula will never make decisions for the client. The doula will provide all the information available for the client to make the best possible decision when necessary. ​


The doula will encourage you to communicate with your midwife and remind you of your birth wishes so that they can be achieved whenever possible.

The doula will discuss all options with the clients, but the responsibility for the decision remains with the clients. If there is a disagreement in the procedure or decision made by the midwife, the communication responsibility rests entirely with the clients.


When desired, the doula can take pictures of the birth. Remembering that the doula is not a professional photographer and will not be responsible for any loss or damage to the photos. ​


Should the client or baby need medical attention, the doula will contact trained professionals to ensure that assistance arrives before my departure.

During Labor

Contact the doula as soon as you realize you are in labor, even if you don't need help. As the time of birth is unpredictable, the doula also needs time to organize and prepare for the birth. ​


The contact number is +31 6 53245371.


The doula will try to answer all questions and, if necessary, will provide telephone support. The doula and the client will decide the best time to be there. Usually this time would be when the client is in the active phase of labor. This is characterized by rhythmic contractions lasting 1 minute and dilation bigger than 2cm.

The 1st point of contact for the client's evaluation is always the midwife and/or the gynecologist. Only these professionals will be able to assess the stage of delivery in which the client is.


The doula needs 1 hour to reach the client, from the moment the doula's presence is requested. ​


There will be no refund if there is no customer notification. ​ There will be no refund if the delivery is very fast and the doula has not arrived within the set time limit of 1 hour. ​

If the doula, within this contract is temporarily unavailable in the previous period or during the on-call period (38-42 weeks), the supporting doula will be at your disposal during that period.


The Doula of this contract and your supporting Doula will visit together, or separately, at least 3 times during the pregnancy. We'll discuss your medical record, birth plan, breathing exercises and pain relief. There will be an exchange of information between the contract doula and your supporting doula.

Extraordinary Circumstances

  • If the client has a very quick delivery and the baby is born before the doula arrives, the doula will work overtime in postpartum care. (This may include services such as babysitting other children, breastfeeding support, supermarket, cooking, etc. House cleaning is not included)

  • In the case of an unplanned cesarean, only one person is admitted to the operating room. The client may choose to have the doula or companion or companion present. The doula  will stay close by and wait for the baby to be born to give comfort and rest

  • In case of force majeure  and the doula cannot provide support during labor, there will be compensation for hours in the postpartum period.


Customer information is private and confidential. The doula undertakes not to disclose information to third parties. Except in cases of information that may be relevant to the client's health. This information will then be passed solely and exclusively to the medical team involved in the delivery.


The fee for the Doula Service is € xxx, according to the Support chosen by the customer.


Payment can be made in 3 parts:

  • First installment within 7 days of receipt of contract and invoice, in the amount of €400;

  • Second part between the 35th and 37th week of pregnancy, referring to the waiting period, in the amount of €250;

  • And the final part after delivery with the addition of any travel expenses and/or prolonged delivery. ​


For long-term deliveries, over 15 hours, a rate of €75/hour will be added.

The fees for any expenses, such as gasoline, train and parking, will be responsibility of the customers, being charged together with the last invoice.

Additional fees charged by the Bank are the responsibility of the customer.


Other types of payments can also be arranged if desired.


Fees are payable in cash or bank transfer to:


IBAN: NL57 INGB  0794 9285 44


Termination of Agreement

If the customer wishes to discontinue the service at any time, the fee will not be refunded. Any loophole, such as expiration of the terms of this agreement, failure and/or lack of communication with the doula, or failure to pay fees, will terminate this agreement immediately.

For cancellations during the on-call period, the full amount must be paid. ​

I have read and understood the services provided and agree to the terms of this contract.

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