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Due to my background as a Speech Therapist, Doula and Breastfeeding expert, I offer a complete doulage package! I offer support to the clients from pregnancy to postpartum including breastfeeding consultancy.

Introdutory Meeting

Our first contact will be simple and relaxed, free from any commitment. Usually it can be a video call or a chat in a cafe. In this meeting I will explain how my work is, I will answer your questions, and above all I will listen to you. If after this meeting you decide to hire my doling services, then we will schedule our first prenatal consult.

Prenatal Meetings

The doula's work is based on three pillars: Inform, Support and Connect. ​

During these prenatal meetings, in addition to creating this very important pregnant-doula connection, you will also receive the information you need to feel safe and supported in your decisions, whatever it may be.

  • Labour Physiology

  • Staged birth process

  • What's going on in your body

  • Delivery Location Options

  • Breathing Techniques

  • Relaxating techniques

  • Natural and medicinal pain relief

  • Massage

  • Birth wishes

  • Help in preparing the birth plan

  • The golden hours

  • Post childbirth

During Labor

This service starts from the 38th to the 42nd week of pregnancy. I will be available to support you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by phone, email or SMS. As soon as the first signs of childbirth start, we will be in regular contact to monitor the progression, and decide the best time for me to be physically present. During the active phase of childbirth, I will be providing physical and emotional support so that the mother is relaxed, comfortable and confident.

After the birth, I still remain for 2 hours to encourage and support the new family during the all-important “Golden Hours”.


Golden Hours:

It's the first 3 hours after birth. It is very important that mothers have the opportunity to be skin-to-skin with their babies during these hours to breastfeed and form this immediate bond. Skin-to-skin contact promotes strong bonds between mothers and babies, generating better breastfeeding performance.

"Breastfeeding in the first hour of life is important for both the baby and the mother, as it helps in uterine contractions, reducing the risk of bleeding."


The breastfeeding consultancy is a service that involves guidelines and behavior related to the mother's posture, positioning, holding and sucking the baby; milking, breast care and milk storage. The best way to be ready for breastfeeding is to have quality information. That's why the consultation can even take place during pregnancy.

In relation to the child's health, breastfeeding is essential due to its nutritional, emotional, immunological, economic-social and developmental benefits, and it strengthens the affective bond between mother and child. Breastfeeding babies immediately after birth can reduce neonatal mortality – that which happens until the 28th day of life.


In addition to all the benefits mentioned above, with regard to the speech therapy part, breastfeeding represents the preparation for speech. Breastfeeding stimulates harmonious growth between the muscles and bones of the face, promoting the balance of the tongue, dental arch, oral muscles and nasal breathing.

As mentioned before, my conduct as a doula is to support mothers without any form of judgment. If you are a mother who chooses not to breastfeed for whatever reason, please feel equally welcomed by me.


What is Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing prepares moms-to-be and their partners for childbirth using the power of meditation, visualization, deep relaxation techniques reducing the fear often connected with childbirth KGHypnobirthing teaches a woman to work with her body, which is naturally designed to give birth. It releases the fear and negativity and replace for calm and confidence. On this way a woman will be able to decrease the production of stress hormones, such as adrenaline, and being able to produce more oxytocin. Pain will not be there in the first place


What are the benefits?

For Mother: It can shorten labour, gives her a better labour experience, reduce postnatale depression.

For Partner: It will enroll him more in the whole pregnancy , giving him the feeling that he is actively participating of the whole process.

For Baby: The baby will experience a gentle and calm birth, with reduced stress levels, 


How is the course

The course lasts approximately 10-12 hours which can be divided into 4 sessions of +-2.5 hours. I

t can be done online or in person, individually or in a group.

To find out more about the course and dates, contact: 06-53245371.

Bengunk Belly Binding

Bengunk Belly binding is the Malasian tradition of wrapping the postpartum belly 2-4 days after a vaginal birth (or 10 days to 2 weeks after a cesarean birth). A long cloth is used to wrap the belly in the lower pelvic area up to the belly button. The wrapping is typically done daily, for 6 weeks, to provide physical support for the new mother. Many women describe it feeling like a big hug, which provides emotional support as well.

What are the benefits?

The two that most women notice immediately after binding is the hip and lower back support. As you know, when you are pregnant, your hips need to expand to allow room in your pelvis. Once baby is born, your hips will slowly move back into place. This can sometimes cause some soreness or discomfort. Wearing the bind provides constant support to your hips and can reduce some of that discomfort. It is also very common to have a sore back after labor for a variety of reasons. The wrap goes around your lower back providing support for your back and your posture. Many times women are hunched over during those first few postpartum days, holding their tiny baby, learning to nurse or bottle feed, or just from overall fatigue. Often women are standing up a lot straighter after binding, due to that extra support on their lower back.

The ritual:

To prep your belly I first do a treatment with a moxa stick, which has a deep warming and restorative effect on your abdominal, lower back and pelvic area.

Then I do a relaxing abdominal massage with hot oil. After the massage, I wrap your abdomen.

During the 14 days following the massage, you can stay with the fabric for 24 hours (I explain how to put it on and take it off). After these 14 days, use the fabric only at night. During the moxa treatment and massage, you can lie on your bed with your baby close, for example on the bed next to you.

During the first trimester of your pregnancy it is advisable to wait a while before starting the massages. However, in the second and third trimesters, when the belly is already evident and your pregnancy is safe, allow yourself to enjoy a good massage.

Relaxing Massage for Pregnant Women:


The idea is to ensure muscle relaxation

With the pressure of the hands, the person applying the massage makes a series of movements to relieve tension in the muscles. Unlike drainage, movements do not have a specific direction.


This technique should not be applied to the abdomen, regardless of the stage of pregnancy. The professional needs attention with the pressure of the hands, which should be lighter in pregnant women. As for positioning, the best thing is that the pregnant woman does not stay on her back for a long time, as there may be compression of the vena cava, reducing oxygenation. The best position for applying this massage is with the pregnant woman lying on her side.

Relaxing Massage for Partner:


The pregnancy period is of great importance for all people involved so that the routine changes and adaptations resulting from the arrival of this new life, take place in a smooth and fluid way for everyone.

Although pregnancy is a process experienced in an intense and unique way only by the woman's body, this does not mean that the partners are intact to all the events around them.

Little or no attention is paid to the partner during pregnancy. This phase is also so exciting, worrying; and no less important for the partner. He/she is also experiencing pregnancy and also deserves attention and care.


Support is the key word when we talk about the partner's posture at the birth of the baby. The more the partner is equipped with information, involved in prenatal care and RELAXED, the better will be their engagement in childbirth and postpartum.


Through this holistic view of pregnancy, I offer it is also possible to schedule a relaxing massage for partners, so that they can be commonly prepared for the long-awaited time.

Lymphatic drainage:


The main purpose of this massage is to drain the body's fluids – which are retained during pregnancy, causing swelling. The effect is obtained from the activation of the venous and lymphatic circulations. Another advantage of this technique is relaxation.


Draining is done manually, at slow speed. The movements are light and occur in the sense of pushing the liquid upwards – from the foot towards the groin, for example. In general, the procedure is performed with the aid of essential oils, especially lavender, which has calming properties.


Pregnant women with uncontrolled hypertension, who have already had lymphatic changes (such as thrombosis) or who have an untreated infection should avoid drainage – unless the doctor allows it. For those who are free, be warned: the ideal is that the massage is not done in the abdomen region. Also, at the end of pregnancy, the best position is on your side – not face down.


when can it be done

From the second trimester of pregnancy until the end of pregnancy. It is also indicated in the postpartum period to optimize the loss of fluid retention caused by pregnancy.




Shantala is an Indian massage disclosed in the 70s by the French gynecologist and obstetrician Dr. Frédérick Leboyer.


The massage lasts between 15 and 30 minutes, depending on the baby's age and acceptance of the touch.


It provides relaxation, well-being, expands contact with the baby and strengthens the mother/father-infant bond. This contact through Shantala also helps in the formation of the baby's body image, because through the massage movements he will discover his size, strength, flexibility, and his own body (head, legs, hands, feet) and the space that the your body occupies.